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20-25 June 2009,...

Events in Bad Radkersburg...

20-25 June 2009, Bad Radkersburg, Austria
Working visit for photography and filming

Bad Radkersburg (Austria) & Gornja Radgona (Slovenia)

The team – Christina Pusswald, Reneta Palova, Katerina Kolyva, Jean-François de Kriek, Malgorzata Szwaj, Georgi Dimitrov and  Yovcho Kalchev worked for the photography and filming in the rainy cities of Bad Radkersburg and Gornja Radgona on the both sides of the river Mur – the border between Austria and Slovenia.

The film "Signs in Bad Radkersburg & Gorna Radgona" shows two small cities on both sides of the border. One rainy day a boy and a girl walking each in his/her city;  their journey from their "homes" to the meeting spot runs in a parallel way – they are doing the same things, passing by similar city signs until they finally meet...