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Events in Gdansk (Poland)

17-21 May 2009, Gdansk, Poland
Working visit for filming

Gdansk (Poland)

The film production team - Reneta Palova, Georgi Dimitrov - production consultant, and the cameraman Yovcho Kalchev, together with  Bartosz Czerwiński –  author of the film story, Dorota Kaniak-Szymkiewicz,  and the actors - Monika Domańska and Tomasz Szymkiewicz  worked hard during the three filming days.

In the film "Signs in Gdansk: The Treasure Hunt" there are 2 tourists arriving in Gdansk. Each of them is given just a half of the same map of Gdańsk with a treasure trail on it. The task of the tourists is to visit all these places on the map, in order to collect letters /in each place/ for the final password and the treasure.