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Events in Izmir (Turkey)

3-8 May 2009, Izmir, Turkey
Working visit for photography and filming

Izmir (Turkey)

The photographer Jean-François de Kriek and Ufku Erel followed a list of places of interest for the photography. It would be impossible to provide a full and comprehensive list of all the photos that were taken during the visit but they will be published in the book "Signs in Izmir".

The film production team led by Reneta Palova and including Iliya Iliev, production consultant, Yovcho Kalchev, cameraman and Ivan Ivanov, assistant, started filming on Wednesday 6 May and finished filming on Friday 8 May.  They worked together with JoAnne Noonan and Beril Sarayköylü.

A film scenario of "Signs in Izmir: City of many faces" was designed that involved the story of a young American student visiting Izmir, and looking to buy a special gift for his professor, and a Turkish girl talking about her city. The film involves discussions in English and Turkish, accompanied by Izmir scenery and moments of everyday life. Cast: Idil Özer, Ay┼čegül Selçuki and Evan Russell.