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SIGNS at the London Language Show, October 2010

General Events

Beyond Signs in the city held a stand at the show during three days from 14-17 October 2010. The show included over 160 exhibitors that covered every aspect of the language world from teaching resources and career advice to professional products and language holidays.

Beyond Signs in the city participated at the Language Show with a stand that included:

·         a photo exhibition of language signs

·         a demonstration of the published products (booklets for 10 languages and 9 cities)

·         a demonstration of the offline game

·         promotional materials such as postcards and posters

·         crash language courses via the means of photography


All 9 Beyond Signs in the City films were demonstrated within the World Cinema programme at the Language Show cinema during the three days of the show.


There were over 600 visitors to the stand and about 300 visitors at the cinema over a period of three days.


All visitors received a demonstration of all our books and methodology. They appreciated the knowledge they gained about European languages and cultures they knew nothing about.


Publishers were interested in using the methodology as part of a potential publication.


Tourist agencies were interested in receiving books as part of their promotional materials and a cruise company running cruises to Izmir wanted more copies so that they could distribute them to their travellers.


Language teachers loved the materials and many asked for postcards, posters and other learning materials that they could use in their classrooms.


Feedback and quotes from the event


Thanks for the books from the Language Show. I picked up the ones about Dobrich and Csikszereda and have been looking through them. Think they're great, actually, firstly because they show the language in life, and secondly because they just make me want to go off and visit some of these places. It might be because I have an interest in languages (I spent 20 years in Russia), but I think the books are a very clever idea for anyone just visiting these places, giving a much more visual approach to a phrasebook and thereby bringing it all alive.

 Jenny Billinge


It was lovely to meet you at the Language Show. The exhibition was interesting, but especially your stall was extremely important for me. I read your Sign in Izmir booklet and found it most enjoyable.

I want to Thank You very much again, for this great work, effort, enthusiasm. 

Irfan Findik


Thank you for the wonderful books which I picked up at the Language Fair.  I really like them.  It's so good to see the target language (which is often included in the guidebooks) actually on the signs as they appear in the country.  People often say that the use of colour aids memory and I think I must be a visual learner as seeing the words on the signs really help. I really like the choice of cities - lovely pictures, not too much language to grapple with and some nice cultural background.  I've taught Bulgarian students and have often heard of the differences between yes and no, but did not know the legend.  Interesting!
So - once again - thank you and I loved the display of photos at the Language Fair.
Katy Ferrar

Thank you so much for the copy of Signs in Izmir. I think it is a delightful introduction to the city and to the Turkish language, and would make an excellent present for anyone going there for the first time. The pictures are delightful and the information just enough to whet the appetite.

Lorna Hicks

I really enjoyed "Beyond Signs in the City" at the Language Show on 15 October. Your stand brightened up the whole event and there were numerous arresting scenes to admire.  I have managed to read and understand much of the German material and to look at other material - and of course there is the CD. It is wonderful that the European Commission with input from various constituent countries has supported this enlightened project. Bravo!

David Watson