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Signs in the City books
Linguistic and cultural guide books that teach the language and a bit of the culture of the city to its visitors and guests.
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Booklet Beyond signs in the City
Promotional guide "Beyond Signs in the City" in 11 languages - a methodology for language promotion through a city's culture as a guide through ideas and tools on how to make best use of the existing resources in ‘selling' a city and its language to the visitors.
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Signs short films
The films are written and filmed with the intention to capture the atmosphere and culture of the each city, to feel the urban life, and to hear the language of these cities.
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Signs in the city: Horizons
"Signs in the city: Horizons" is an interactive game animated computer game, which leads the player consecutively in nine different European cities and challenges her/him to explore the local languages and accomplish a mission in each city.
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Training kit
Training program and tools as guidelines, which summarize briefly the best practices of partners and are intended to present the city’ s promoters with ideas which can make their work on the project effective.
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