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Signs short films

Signs short films

The films are written and filmed with the intention to capture the atmosphere and culture of the each city, to feel the urban life, and to hear the language of these cities. All the films have different scenarios and reflect the cities themselves. The films are promoting the languages "visually", placing them in social and cultural environments, and raising awareness on urban, cultural or historical specificities of the cities.
  • 959
    « Signs in Dobrich: The symbols of the city »
    The story involves local people and visitors looking for symbols of the city.
  • 960

    « Signs in Birgu: City of light and serenity »
    The film follows the signs of history, the signs of faith (Easter preparation, processions and atmosphere), signs in the streets (street signs, names of the houses), and the signs of everyday life.

  • 962
    « Signs in Izmir: City of many faces »
    A story of a young American student visiting Izmir, and looking to buy a special gift for his professor, and a Turkish girl talking about her city, accompanied by Izmir scenery and moments of everyday life.
  • 961
    « Signs in GdaÅ„sk: The Treasure Hunt »
    Two tourists arriving in Gdańsk are given just a half of the same map of with a treasure trail on it. Their task is to visit all the places on the map, in order to collect letters /in each place/ for the final password.
  • 957
    « Signs in Bad Radkersburg & Gornja Radgona »
    A funny romantic story in two small cities on both sides of the Austrian-Slovenian border. One rainy day a boy and a girl walking each in his/her city and meet finally. Their journey to the meeting spot runs in a parallel way - they are doing the same things, passing by similar city signs, coming across similar situations...
  • 958
    « Signs in Gràcia: A town in the city »
    A walk in this artistic and very Catalan quarter of Barcelona and meeting with different artists - musician, painter, actors, and traditional performers - castelleros, bastoners.
  • 963
    « Signs in Csíkszereda/Miercurea Cuic »
    The story involves local boy showing the city to a foreign girl. All the historical and cultural sights of the city are included in the movie.
  • 956
    « Signs in Alcalá de Henares »
    The story is about an Erasmus Student who is revisiting the city a year later. Now she is spending time to walk the same streets, to visit the same place and maybe meet some of her old acquaintance.
  • 964
    « Signs in Nafplio: A city to love»
    The story is looking for an answer, why people love the city.