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Nafplio (Greece)

Social relations- word and phrases useful for the social contacts in the city

Καλωσήρθες [ kalossorisses] welcome for one person only
Καλωσήρθατε [ kalossorissate] welcome for several people
Γεια σου! [ yiassou!] Hello! Hi! also meaning to your health! [in use when making a toast or as a response to someone sneezing!]
Γεια σας! [ yiassas!] same meaning as above but for either a large group of people or when wanting to be polite or show respect
Καλημέρα! [ kalimera!] Good morning, good day
Καλημέρα σας! [ kalimera sas!] the polite form of the above
Καλησπέρα [ kalispera] Good evening
Καληνύχτα [ kalinihta] Good night