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Birgu (Malta)

Signing the way- how to find your way in the city and how to understand city signs

 As a medieval Birgu is the only one of the three cities of the Cottonera in which the principal roads all lead to the civic center, the city square. This becomes apparent from an examination of the map of the city. This layout is an excellent example of medieval city plan.

 The main street of the city which turns uphill from the square towards the entrance to the city is called Main Gate Street. It separates the old Collachio area and the maritime zone and proceeds to Cospicua through a bridge over the deep ditch encircling the city walls.

 Towards north from the square, Hilda Tabone Street is rich in relics of the Order. It is the principal artery of this city which during the Order's stay formed part of the enclosed area reserved for the Order.

 In the backdrop of the Order's secluded area stood the city's "Manderaggio". In pre-Order times this consisted of a small swampy inland creek used by the local people to berth small crafts. When later the Order sealed off Birgu by bastions for defense purposes, the area was separated from the sea and the space was filled up. The old surroundings no longer exist except for a street with cobbled surfacing called Ancient Street.

The meaning of street names