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Birgu Local Council, MT

Birgu Local Council, MT

The Birgu Local Counci

The Birgu Local Council is made up of 5 Council members, The First local Council in Birgu was set up in 1994 after the Council’s elections that were held. Currently, after the election held in March 2006, the Mayor of this City is Mr. John Boxall, the Vice mayor is Mr. Christopher Cassar and the three Council members are Ms. Miriam Grech, Mr. Ivan Peresso and Ms. Judith Saliba.
The Council has striven to take stock of the needs of this locality for it to keep its beauty from the basics like the cleanliness of the locality to the the promotion of the town throughout the use of ICTs. The Local Council strives to motivate its inhabitants to be responsible and take active part in the city’s heritage and culture. It is responsible to improve the interests of the community while keeping in full view the needs of those individuals in particular situations.
The Birgu Local Council is also responsible for the social, cultural and educational aspect of the locality.
The council is active member of AVEC network (