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The Icelandic language

Icelandic is a Nordic language and the majority of the population of Iceland, consider Icelandic as their mother tongue. Unlike other Nordic languages, Icelandic has not changed much over the years.

Modern Icelandic is a heavily inflected. Icelandic nouns and pronouns inflect in genders, numerical and cases.

The cases are four; nominative, accusative, dative and genitive.

Adjectives inflect in genders, numerical, cases and in three degrees of comparison.

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The Icelandic alphabet derives from Latin.

The vowels are: a, e, i (y), í (ý), o, u, ú, ö, ei (ey), au, æ, á, ó.

The consonants are: b, d, ð, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, v, x, þ.

The Day of Icelandic Language is celebrated annually on 16 November.

Hvaða tungumál talar þú? - What languages do you speak?

Ég skil ekki - I do not understand

Getur þú talað hægar? - Can you speak more slowly?

Hvað heitir (t.d. bolli) á íslensku? - How do you call (e.g. a cup) in Icelandic?

Ég er að læra íslensku - I am studying Icelandic

Hvernig segir þú .... How do you say ....

Ég tala svolitla íslensku - I speak a little Icelandic

Ég er altalandi á íslensku - I am fluent in Icelandic