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Reykjavik Iceland



Reykjavik is the world's northernmost capital city. The city’s culture is family focused with citizens’ equality being a priority. All activities are open to immigrants and an emphasis is put on welcoming all new residents.

A large number of immigrants live in Reykjavik. Most immigrants come to Iceland to seek employment or to join their family. Speaking Icelandic makes it easier for immigrants to get a job and be part of the community.

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There are five services centers in the city's districts where residents can search for diverse services for all age groups. Emphasis is placed on developing services for immigrants.

Velkomin til borgarinnar - Welcome to the city

Gestrisni - hospitality

Fólksflutningar - migration

Innflytjendur - immigrants

Flóttamenn - refugees

Fjölmenning - inter / multiculturalism

Umburðarlyndi - tolerance

Fjölbreytileiki - diversity

Útlendingahatur - xenophobia