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Social relations

A restaurant called The Hamburger Factory (Hamborgarafabrikkan) has a sign indicating the number of Icelanders at any given time. When a child is born, the bell rings.

Blessuð - hello (to a woman)

Blessaður - hello (to a man)

Halló - hello

Bless - goodbye

Góðan daginn - good morning

Gott kvöld - good evening

Sjáumst - see you later

Listen to the pronunciation

When you are greeting a woman, you say „velkomin“ but „velkominn“ when you are greeting a man.

„Gjörðu svo vel“ has a different meaning, e.g. enjoy, you are welcome.

Velkomin / velkominn - welcome

Takk fyrir - thank you

Gjörðu svo vel - enjoy / you are welcome / please

Þetta reddast - it will work itself out / it will be ok

Vinsamlega - please

Afsakið - sorry

Skál - cheers

- yes

Nei - no

Ha? - what?

Ég - I

Þú - you

Hann - he

Hún - she

Það - it

Við - we

Þið - you

Þau - they

Fjölskylda - family

Faðir / pabbi - father / dad

Móðir / mamma - mother / mum

Dóttir - daughter

Sonur - son

Barn - child

Börn - children

Barnabarn - grandchild

Afi - grandfather

Amma - grandmother

Ætt - clan

Ættingjar - relatives

Frændi - used for both uncle and male cousin

Frænka - used for both aunt and female cousin

Mágkona - sister-in-law

Mágur - brother-in-law

Tengdamamma - mother-in-law

Tengdapabbi - father-in-law

Tengdaforeldrar - parents-in-law

Stjúpmamma - stepmother

Stjúpfaðir - stepfather

Fósturmóðir - foster mother

Fósturfaðir - foster father

Family is important in Iceland, but the traditional family can differ. In Iceland, the rule is that children have their father's first name as their last name and in some cases the mother's. Women keep their last names when they get married. Family names are rare.

Divorce or separation is quite common, and the number of single parents is high.

Same sex marriage is legal.

Children of 12 years of age or younger are not allowed to be out in public after 8 PM unless accompanied by an adult. Children between 13 and 16-year-old, should not be out in public after 10 PM, unless they are coming home from a social event.

From May 1st to September 1st, these timeframes are extended by two hours.

Physical violence is not permitted in the upbringing of children.

Before there were not many immigrants in Iceland, but after 2014 the number of immigrants increased rapidly and at the end of 2018, they were 48.597 or almost 14% of the population. In 2016, over 84% of immigrants were active in the labor market, according to an OECD report.

Most employees are involved in unions, which provide their members with information and legal advice concerning their rights.

Unions can also offer various grants, e.g. In case of illness and for education. Immigrants can apply for grants for Icelandic language programs.

Punctuality is important. If you know that you are going to be late, it is better to let a coworker/boss know. Showing up too late occasionally is fine but it is frowned upon and can cause some problems if it occurs frequently. When referring to a date, e.g. a doctor’s appointment, people use this format: February 21st. In Iceland, it is very rare to refer to weeks.

Vikudagar - Days of the week

Hvaða dagur er í dag? What day is it today?

Sunnudagur - Sunday

Mánudagur - Monday

Þriðjudagur - Tuesday

Miðvikudagur - Wednesday

Fimmtudagur - Thursday

Föstudagur - Friday

Laugardagur - Saturday

Hvaða mánaðardagur er í dag? What day of the month is it today?

Í dag er 14. Nóvember - Today is November 14th

janúar - January

febrúar - February

mars - March

apríl - April

maí - May

júní - June

júlí - July

ágúst - August

september - September

október - October

nóvember - November

desember - December

Hvað er klukkan? What time is it?

10:00 Tíu - ten

10:05 Fimm mínútur yfir tíu - five past ten

10:15 Korter yfir tíu - quarter past ten

10:25 Tuttugu og fimm mínútur yfir tíu eða fimm mínútur í hálf ellefu - twenty - five minutes past ten

10:30 Hálf ellefu - half past ten

10:35 Fimm mínútur yfir hálf ellefu eða tuttugu og fimm mínútur í ellefu - twenty - five minutes to eleven

10:45 Korter í ellefu - quarter to eleven

10:50 Tíu mínútur í ellefu - ten minutes to eleven