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Rotterdam The Netherlands


Signing the atmosphere

There are numerous festivals where various performances in the field of theater, music and dance take place every year. You can find more information about the events on the website of Uitagenda Rotterdam https://www.uitagendarotterdam.nl

Art and culture

Rotterdam has a rich cultural life. Renowned museums, art institutions and galleries display the most controversial art, both old and new. Visit the website of Rotterdam Tourist Information to learn more: https://en.rotterdam.info

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The museum is situated in the Museumpark of Rotterdam. It has no permanent collection, but organises a wide range of temporary exhibits. More info on: www.kunsthal.nl

Maritime Museum Rotterdam

In this museum you can discover the enormous effect that shipping has on our daily lives. The museum is one of the oldest and largest museum harbours of the Netherlands, where you can visit historic vessels and cranes and experience how the world’s leading port of Rotterdam began at this spot. Check the website www.maritiemmuseum.nl

Museum Rotterdam

Museum Rotterdam was founded in 1905 as Museum of Antiquities, by a bourgeois elite that wanted to educate Rotterdam's growing working class population, attracted by the development of the transit port. It later became the Historical Museum of Rotterdam that glorified Rotterdam´s Golden Age in a time that the modern city centre lacked its previous historical references due to its destruction in the bombardment of 1940. In recent years the museum has changed its aims and ambitions again. The contemporary transnational city, and not the past city, has become central to its museum policies. In 2010 it dropped the ´Historical´ in its name to continue as Museum Rotterdam. Begin 2016 the museum opened a new main location in the historical heart of Rotterdam, adjacent to City Hall. Here the story of Rotterdam, the city with a young heart and an old soul, is told in new ways. See https://museumrotterdam.nl

Rotterdam’s artist

Willem Bijl, inspired by Rotterdam, paints water, ships, masts, bridges, cranes and picturesque old harbours but also the container terminals and proud contours of Rotterdam's modern architecture. Visit his gallery in the Kleiweg 301 in Rotterdam or check the website: http://www.willem-bijl.nl


Kunst = Arts

Cultuur = Culture

Voetbalwedstrijd = Football match

Theatervoorstelling = Theatre performance

Evenement = Event

Kunstgalerie = Art gallery