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Rotterdam The Netherlands


Signing the needs

Staying healthy

A healthy living environment and a healthy lifestyle are important to stay healthy.

The GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond is the public health authority that monitors, protects and promotes the health of the city inhabitants.


If you come to live in the Netherlands you are required to have a Dutch health insurance, even if you already have one in your country of origin. The insurance pays for part of the costs the doctor, medicine and the hospital.

General practitioner

If you need medical assistance, you must always first make an appointment with your doctor called huisarts in Dutch, usually by telephone.

Pharmacy and drugstore

In the Netherlands there are 2 types of pharmacies: the pharmacy and the drugstore. You must go to the pharmacy with a prescription from your doctor. At the pharmacy and the drugstore you can buy some medicines without a prescription.

What to do in case of emergency

• Call 112

• Go to the nearest emergency room

• Call your doctor

Shopping and having fun

Rotterdam is a popular shopping city. The offer is very diverse and there are several large shopping centers. There is a lot of choice for food shopping across the city. In the center you will find the larger chains, all around you can find everything: from snack bars to ethnic restaurants and fine dining. Near the Laurenskerk, in the heart of the city, stands the iconic Market Hall. Almost in every street you can find a good coffee shop with Wi-Fi connection. Rotterdam also has many places where you can enjoy alcoholic drinks, the socalled cafés and pubs. Popular nightlife streets are the Witte de Withstraat, the Meent and the Oude Haven. On the terrace of most cafes you can drink alcohol, outside it is forbidden. Alcohol drinking is also prohibited in parks or public transport. There are many drinking water stations across the city centre. Tap water is safe to drink in the Netherlands.


In the Netherlands, children from the age of 5 to 16 are subject to compulsory education. This means that they have to go to school. Otherwise the parents or the caretakers can get a fine. In Rotterdam pupils and their parents can choose a school that matches their views on education and / or philosophy of life. The education is divided between schools for different age groups (primary and secondary education) and then subdivided again based on different educational levels (general education, vocational education and academic education). Secondary education and vocational education is organised in such a way that pupils can progress relatively easily.

Searching for a house

If you want to rent a house in Rotterdam you can go to a housing corporation, such as Woonstad Rotterdam, Vestia or Havensteder or a private landlord. To be eligible for a rental property you usually have to register first. If you have a low income and the rent is very high you can get a rent allowance from the government. This is called huurtoeslag in Dutch.

Gezondheid = Health

Huisarts = General practitioner

Ambulance = Ambulance

Verzekering = Insurance

Ziekenhuis = Hospital

Apotheek = Pharmacy

Onderwijs = Education

School = School

Woningbouwvereniging = Housing corporation