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Rotterdam The Netherlands


Signing the way

Rotterdam is a well-organised city. During its reconstruction, a clear street plan was opted for, with ample space for the car (economy) and only a few small streets and alleyways. Over the years, the connection with the southern part of the city has also improved. Next to the Maastunnel there are three bridges that link North and South: the Willems Bridge, Van Brienenoord Bridge and most recently the Erasmus Bridge.

Finding your way

Even without navigation, you can easily find your way in Rotterdam. For both the car driver and the cyclist and pedestrian, signposting in the streets is included almost everywhere. Separate road sections are reserved for all target groups. Traffic lights in the Netherlands go from red directly to green, so there is no orange spotlight in between. With green light you still get an orange spotlight before the traffic light goes to red. Many zebra crossings have also been included in the street scene. These are highly respected by motorists. Not stopping for crossing pedestrians is unusual and is considered indecent. The Dutch are patient drivers. Horning is not common and even banned if there is no emergency. However, car traffic is increasing, with traffic jams as a result.

Listen to the Dutch pronunciation

Links = Left

Rechts = Right

Rechtdoor = Straight ahead

Verkeerslicht = Traffic light

Voetpad = Foot path

Fietspad = Bicycle path

Fietstunnel = Bicycle tunnel 

Zebrapad = Pedestrian crossing

Waterweg = Water way

Waterbus = Water bus

Watertaxi = Water taxi

File = Traffic jam

Spitsuur = Rush hour

Fietsers afstappen! = Cyclists step off!

Toegang verboden = Access prohibited

Zachte berm = Soft verges

Betreden op eigen risico = Enter at your own risk

Doorgaand rijverkeer gestremd = Ongoing traffic blocked

Let op! Bussluis = Attention! Bus lock

Uitgezonderd landbouwverkeer = Agricultural traffic only

Vergunninghouders = License holders

Parkeerautomaat = Parking machine

Hoogspanning! Levensgevaar! = High voltage! Danger of death!