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Söderhamn and Bollnäs Sweden


Signing the way

Both Bollnäs and Söderhamn are quite small towns, so it’s easy to get around with your car, your bike or walking. There are buses in town and good public transport connections to and from other places. Traffic jams are rare, but you notice an increase in traffic around 8 am and 4–5 pm when people start and finish work. It’s free to park your car, but you have to respect some time limits.The roads/streets are rather wide and there are many bicycle paths and some pedestrian streets/areas in the center. You should always give way to vehicles approaching from the right at intersections, and give priority to pedestrians. It is illegal to use the mobile phone in your hand while driving. Bicycle helmets are compulsory for children up to 15, you can start practice driving at 16 and take your driving licence at 18. One of the main highways in Sweden, the E4, passes close to Söderhamn.

Listen to the pronunciation


The streets are clearly marked with signs in Bollnäs and Söderhamn. They often carry the name of flowers or animals, a cardinal direction like north or south or they are named after a local celebrity. Some streets also have names like Hamngatan (close to the harbour=hamnen) or Långgatan (a long street that passes through the whole town). Some roundabouts and traffic lights help the traffic run smoothly, and Swedish drivers are quite patient. In wintertime the roads and streets can be quite icy so winter tires are required and you must drive carefully. Many people think about the environment and try to bike, use public transport or carpooling


Var ligger…? = Where is … (situated)

Vart är du på väg? = Where are you going?

Höger = Right

Vänster = Left

Rakt fram = Straight ahead

Gång- och cykelbana = A path for pedestrians and bikes

Gågata = Pedestrian street (in town centers)

Övergångsställe = Pedestrain crossing

Rondell = Roundabout

Trafikstockning = Traffic jam

Parkeringsplats = Parking place

Busshållplats = Bus stop

Tågstation = Railway station

Biljett = Ticket