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Söderhamn is a town in the province of Hälsingland, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Söderhamn received its city privileges in 1620 by King Gustav II Adolf, who encouraged some blacksmith families to move here to manufacture weapons. The rifle factory was shut down in 1813.

The river of Söderhamn, Söderhamnsån, that runs through the town centre, played a major role in the history of Söderhamn. The town has grown quite a lot since the 1600s. There are now around 26000 inhabitants living here. Half of the population lives in central Söderhamn. Ljusne and Sandarne are the second and third largest towns within the municipality in terms of population.

The motorway E4 and the railway make it easy to get to and from Söderhamn. Although Söderhamn is a small town, you will find everything you need here; healthcare, education, banking and other necessities. The closeness to nature and all that you need in your every-day life make our small town a place where you can live in harmony with nature and escape the big city stress.

In the municipality of Söderhamn many organizations and clubs offer a great variety of activities. As a matter of fact, we are the world's most association-tight municipality (number of associations in relation to the number of inhabitants).

In 2020, Söderhamn will celebrate 400 years. The municipality and the many associations will organize grand celebrations throughout the year and a lot will happen on the anniversary day, September 7th. Don't miss it!

Some famous persons from Söderhamn:

Nathan Söderblom, arch bishop

Jan Johansson, musician

Monica Törnell, singer

Arne Geijer, trade union chairman

Petter Hansson, fotball player