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Bollnäs municipality consists of the main town Bollnäs with 14 000 inhabitants, and the smaller surrounding towns Kilafors, Arbrå and Vallsta. There are also many villages in the municipality and altogether 27 000 inhabitants live here. Even if Bollnäs is still a rather small town, the population has grown a lot since the year 1900 when there were only 785 persons in the municipality. Bollnäs is situated in the province of Hälsingland, around 300 km north of Stockholm.

In Bollnäs nature is always close with forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. In the town centre there is a campground and you can swim in the river at Långnäs and Karlslund. Bolleberget has a ski slope for downhill skiing and trails where you can run or hike in summertime and cross-country ski in the winter. In all of the municipality, there are many opportunities to enjoy outdoor sports and recreation.

When it comes to services for the inhabitants, there is a hospital, some health clinics, schools (from preschool to adult education), various sports centres, a fire / rescue centre, libraries, cinemas, a culture centre and a museum. Trains and buses take you to and around Bollnäs.

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Some persons from Bollnäs that are famous, in Sweden or internationally:

 - Gösta ”Snoddas” Nordgren and Arne ”Rosen” Qvick (singers)

 - Peter Stormare (actor)

 - Victoria Silvstedt (model, actress and TV personality)

 - Pernilla Lindberg (golf player)

 - Staffan and Per-Inge Tällberg (ski jumpers)


kommun = municipality

centralort = main town

natur = nature

älv = (wide) river

kända personer = famous persons