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Signing the needs

Getting the help you need

The City Hall has an information service, offering advice to visitors. They can provide interpreting services if necessary. 
Danish people hold public health insurance, and hospital treatment is free. If you are visiting Denmark you have the right to be treated for free, should you need medical attention. If you are working in Denmark, you can apply for a special health insurance card.
General practitioner 
Everyone is connected to a doctor of their choice. If you need medical assistance you should call your own doctor first, and they will direct you to the right service.
In case of emergency you can call the central emergency hotline, and they will send a doctor to see you or make sure you can get to a hospital if necessary. 
Listen to the pronunciation

Handelsby = Merchant city

Midtbyen = Downtown

Strøgbutikker = Highstreet shops

Shoppingcenter = Shopping center

Specialbutik = Speciality stores (Brand store)

Genbrugsbutikker = Vintage shop (recycle shop)

International stemning = International mood

Storbyagtig = Big city feel