Welcome to

Vejle Denmark


Social relations

Danish people are friendly and informal.

They have excellent English skills, so you will probably meet English speakers wherever you go. They do, however, have a tendency to mind their own business so you will have to ask for directions or help.

People in Vejle go out to meet with friends. There are lots of nice cafés and restaurants. But in their spare time they like their hobbies, like joining a sports clubs or an evening class. This is a good way of getting to know new people and having fun. 

Listen to the pronunciation

Hej = Hi

Godmorgen = Good morning

Goddag = Hello

Godaften = Good evening

Godnat = Good night

Farvel = Goodbye

Hej hej = Bye!

Det var hyggeligt at møde dig. = Nice to see you.

Vi ses! = See ya!

Vi snakkes ved. = Talk to you later.

Hav en god dag! = Have a nice day!

God weekend! = Have a nice weekend!

Hils hjemme = Say hi to your family from me.