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Vejle Denmark


Signing the way

Walking through Vejle, you can explore its long history. Vejle had a busy textile industry at the turn of the last century, and you can still find the old spinning mills, although today they form a creative hub for small entrepreneurial businesses.

Finding your way

Vejle is not a big city so getting around is easy, but the hills around it make is a challenging commute for bikers. Still there are a lot of them, and they are now able to travel on the new Super Bike Path that goes all the way through the city.

Parking can be a challenge, so locals prefer to use their bikes.

Listen to the pronunciation

Gade = Street

Gågade = Pedestrian Street

Vej = Road

Kryds = Intersection

Lyskryds = Intersection

Fordgængerovergang = Pedestrian Crossing

Cykelsti = Bikepath

Bro = Bridge

Torv = Square

Plads = Plaza