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The word "Vejle" derives from the Old Danish word wæthel, meaning "ford" or "wading place" due to its location at a busy crossing over Vejle River.

The city of Vejle was mentioned for the first time in 1256 when it was officially granted the status of a merchant city.

Today Vejle is the ninth biggest city in Denmark with a population of 57.000. It is surrounded by woods and hills and the fjord offers excellent views from the harbour.

The most prominent features are the bridge over Vejle Fjord, “the Wave”, a futuristic apartment building and “Fjordenhus”, the artistic building in the middle of the harbour.

Listen to the pronunciation
Vikingetid = Viking age

Historie = History

Museum = History

Udstilling = Exibition

Skib = Ship

Handelsvare = Trading good

Fjord = Fjord

Havn = Harbour